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Contents: (3) 1ML insulin syringes, (3) water vials, (3) VITC packs, (3) alcohol wipes, (3) cookers and (1) mini sharps container for safe disposal of needles and any harm reduction materials you want to include such as red light alerts, clinic hours and emergency contacts.


*Approved sites only*. 


All Harm Reduction Sites should be making their own kits for distribution. The kits are intended for hospitals and mental health facilities under the umbrella of Fraser Health only. Purpose Society has vetted volunteers who assemble the kits three times per week for the Health Van (to deliver to the aforementioned), Purpose Safe Injection Site and Purpose Reception to distribute to their clients.

Your site will need to assemble the kits by ordering the supplies needed and purchasing baggies/brown bags. If you place an order for kits and you are not one of the aforementioned sites, you will not receive them. Pro tip: be sure to include a slip of paper with resources for your clients you distribute the kits to. Include info re: hot lunch programs, upcoming street degree trainings, community events, shower programs, medical resources and any other harm reducing messaging. 

3 Pack Injection Kit

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