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100 / BOX - Your harm reduction team can create “5packs” by wrapping a couple ties around five rigs, waters, a strip of cookers and Vit C packs. An integral step in drug injection is identifying a vein for entry. A tourniquet or ‘tie’ is a long strip of elastic that is ‘tied’ around the arm to help raise blood veins to the surface of the skin and even protrude, or ‘bulge’, outward. This helps make veins more evident. Although not all people who inject drugs need to use a tourniquet to help protrude veins, those who do may be using alternate supplies such as belts, shoelaces, ropes, and wires to act as makeshift tourniquets. These makeshift tourniquets may be more difficult to release which can lead to: problems injecting, trauma to skin and veins, burst veins, disrupt blood flow (and potential loss of limb), as well as an increase risk of overdose, among other harms.


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